Should Your Child Attend a College Preparatory School?

Would you like to boost the chances of your child getting admitted to their dream college? You could start by getting them into an environment that focuses on college admission. A college preparatory school combines normal high school education with some aspects of higher education. The curriculum is more focused on preparing students for college education. The social setting also mimics college life, which prepares your child for independent college life. What advantages does a student get from attending a college prep high school?

Higher Quality Personalized Learning 

Admissions to top-rated higher education institutions have become very competitive. Your child deserves any competitive edge available. The learning environment at a college preparatory high school is designed with college admission in mind. 

Classes are smaller to enable closer student-teacher engagement and hands-on learning. Students also get one-on-one mentoring to make good decisions about college selection and their dream careers. This allows the student to have a better chance of acing the SATs because of adequate preparation. Typical high schools do not operate on the premise that every student will go to college. But a college preparatory school assumes every student is there because they desire to get into their dream schools.  

Better Learning and Extra-curricular Activities 

A private college preparatory boarding school will have better learning facilities than a typical public-funded high school. It is a big advantage if your child wishes to pursue a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) course in college. The science and computer laboratories enable them to get the practical foundation necessary in these courses.

College prep schools have more leeway in their sports programs. Students are actively encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities, especially sports, to foster a stronger community. If your child is talented in sports, it makes it easier for them to qualify for a sports scholarship. 

Cultivate Independence 

Most parents are apprehensive when a child leaves home. But it is a fact of life that your child will leave one day. A college preparatory school prepares students for an independent life in a controlled and supervised manner. As a result, they are more prepared for complete and responsible freedom when they get to college.  

More Social Exposure 

Today's college preparatory boarding school attracts students from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. Some even have international students. This setting is very important for the social grounding of a young person's life. Your child will develop the emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivities necessary to succeed in modern society.  

Would you like to help your child have better chances of pursuing their dream career in college? Consider enrollment in a college preparatory school, such as Delphian School