Are Virtual Piano Lessons A Good Idea?

Not long ago, when someone wanted to learn to play the piano, they had to hire an instructor to teach them in person. The process worked, but it also had many flaws that made it difficult for some students to learn. Nowadays, you have the option of virtual piano lessons, and they have many advantages over in-person lessons. 

Here are some of the benefits of virtual piano lessons:

Live or Pre-recorded

You can attend live virtual classes where you and the instructor can interact in real time, or use pre-recorded sessions that you can pause, rewind, etc. Live classes are similar to in-person lessons, except you have more flexibility in scheduling, not having to travel, etc. Pre-recorded lessons allow you to choose what you want to learn and when and give you complete control over everything.

Computerized Features

One of the best parts about virtual piano lessons is that you get to use technology to your advantage. Many new programs can help you learn piano, and most virtual lessons incorporate these technologies. For example, some programs will allow you to play along with actual songs and detect how well you're playing them so that you can improve over time.  

A Grading System

Another advantage of virtual lessons over in-person ones is that you can use a program that automatically grades your lessons and tracks your progress. You can also choose new lessons based on your current grade, so you never get overwhelmed by what you're learning. One of the most significant issues with in-person piano lessons is that the teacher assumes the student is ready to move on when they're still trying to understand a fundamental skill. 


If you ever get bored with your virtual lessons or have trouble figuring something out, you can take as many breaks as needed. If you have an in-person instructor, they'll likely get frustrated if you want to take time away from practicing. You won't have to worry about that with virtual piano classes.

More Affordable

Paying an in-person instructor can cost you a lot of money because they have to be physically present for your lessons. If you try virtual lessons, you'll likely pay much less and probably learn just as much or more.

Flexible Scheduling

Even if you decide to have live virtual piano lessons, you'll still have a more flexible schedule than you would with an in-person instructor. Canceling and rescheduling appointments will be easy, and you won't have to feel guilty about making your teacher drive somewhere for no reason.

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