Time Goes So Fast: 4 Steps To Help Your Child Get Ready For Their First Day Of Kindergarten

Summer is almost here. It's time to start thinking of some fun summer activities. It's also time to start getting your little one ready for their first day of school. Whether your child has spent a couple of years in pre-school, or has been home with you, this is the time to make sure they're ready to walk through those doors on the first day of kindergarten. Here are four simple steps you can take to help you child prepare for school. Read More 

3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Child Succeed In Summer School

If your child is struggling in school, you might be wondering if putting them into some sort of summer program will help them to succeed. In many cases, this will be the best thing for them. Here are some things that you can do to improve your child's understanding and learning. 1. If One Way Isn't Working, Change It The first thing that every parent and teacher should know is that all individuals learn so differently. Read More 

3 Ways To Help Your Kids Develop Strong Homework Habits

The earlier your child develops strong homework and study habits, the more prepared they will be for each grade. If you are hoping to get your child into a competitive private school program, demonstrable homework skills are especially important. Here are three ways to help your elementary school-aged child develop strong homework habits: Create the Space for Homework Children are affected by their environments, and many kids have a hard time buckling down and concentrating if their study space is loud, distracting, or chaotic. Read More 

3 Things To Remember When Packing Daycare Lunches For Your Child

If your child attends a daycare that requires you to send lunch along with your child each day, you might be unsure of what you should pack. After all, it might seem easy to whip up a simple yet healthy and tasty lunch for your toddler or small child when he or she is at home, but coming up with ideas to pack can be tough. Luckily, if you think about these three things when you're packing these lunches, you're sure to make the right choice every day. Read More 

Helping Dyslexia Students At Home

It's not exactly breaking news that dyslexia students often struggle in school. Add in another diagnosis (such as ADHD or dyscalculia), and the worry that you feel over your child's learning may be multiplied. That said, there are plenty of ways that your young student can learn and even succeed in school. Not only will your child's teachers help them (whether you're thinking about specialized ADHD schools, dyscalculia schools or a more traditional type of program at your local public school), but you can also help out at home. Read More