Are Virtual Piano Lessons A Good Idea?

Not long ago, when someone wanted to learn to play the piano, they had to hire an instructor to teach them in person. The process worked, but it also had many flaws that made it difficult for some students to learn. Nowadays, you have the option of virtual piano lessons, and they have many advantages over in-person lessons.  Here are some of the benefits of virtual piano lessons: Live or Pre-recorded Read More 

A Camp Program That Is Campus-Based

A camp program that is hosted by some of the nation's top higher educational facilities will provide your child with a look at college life and will encourage them to immerse themselves in a unique learning program. A STEAM summer camp program features a mix of historical and modern college campuses that will provide each enrollee with a safe place to rest, play, and learn.  A New Camping Experience A traditional camp may use the outdoors as the main setting where activities take place. Read More