Preparing For Your Flight Training

You've wanted to learn to fly for years and have finally decided to look into flight training schools. Most urban airports have one or more aviation schools from which to choose. While you're researching training centers, there are a number of ways that you can get a "heads up" on your training. Here are a few no-cost ways that you get immerse yourself in the world of the private pilot before you've even enrolled in a program. Read More 

The Phlebotomist’s Mighty Quest: Becoming A Master In The Order Of Draw

One of the most important skills a phlebotomist learns is called "following the order of draw." This is the uniform schedule you will use when collecting patient blood samples. The "long order" is the list of every possible blood test a lab could run, while the "short order" is the list of the more basic blood tests. Here's what you should know about the order of draw: Blood vials have distinctive stopper colors Read More